Good News Celebration

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  • Author: Mary

Some of you know that I found a large nodule on my thyroid around the middle of March. After having been to see the endocrinologist, had an ultrasound, and finally a biopsy, I got the news yesterday that it is benign. Yeah!! Although most thyroid nodules are benign, I have to admit that I was at least a little worried. We are going to check it again in 6 mo. via ultrasound, but I don't have any reason to worry for now. I'm very happy about this because I thought they would want to take it out even if the results came back benign.

We got together with Jason, Erin, Maria, and Glen (and families) last night to celebrate my news and Jason's new job. Our lives are all going to be changing so much in the next two months, but it was so great to celebrate with our friends last night. It was so humid outside, but the kids played until after dark in the yard and had a blast! Mary Claire and Clare came in a little before the rest of the kids and had a bath and then played chase and peek-a-boo with each other. It was so fun to see 2 15-mo-olds with their little smiles and their cute laughs and their joyful hearts playing together! That was probably the highlight of my day. Although I intended to bring the camera, I didn't make it out of the house with it.

More good news...on the potty training ...Emily has gone 2 days with out an accident, kind of. Last night I'm pretty sure she went pee in the sandbox, but really I can't expect her to be able to stop playing and tell me she needs to go at this point, not when she is having that much fun. The day before she went in her pull-up when we were out of the house. She has a Belle doll waiting for her in the bathroom when she actually has a day with out accidents. It's good to see that we have made progress though, even if we still have a long way to go.

Here is a great pic of Mary Claire

Here is a good one of Matt and the Girls