Saturday Morning...

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  • Author: Mary

OK....Papa takes girls outside to play so mommy can get some cleaning done.

Emily: "MAMA!!! Take my shoes off, my feet are dirty"
...I clean off her feet with a towel....

Emily: "MAMA, I opened my tooties and they were dirty inside, GET IT OFF!!" (i.e. she spread her big toe apart from her other toes and there was some dirt between her toes)
...I finished cleaning her feet and she came inside to play.

Mary Claire on the other hand (~45 minutes after Emily came in)....

(ate lunch, no pic)

No more words needed

Oh wait...I have more...

Later that day...

Emily: "MAMA....I got dirty"

...I'm still not sure what happened, I think she slipped in this puddle when she was trying to go see papa. We tried to tell her it was ok to play in the mud, but she remained unconvinced. Hahaha
And straight to the tub we went....:)
Now I have some laundry to do and some bath tubs to clean out. But it was worth it.