Six Years ago today....May 24, 2003

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  • Author: Mary

...We were married. (Well, 6 years ago yesterday, I'm a little late with the post)

The girls gave us a wonderful anniversary gift as began a 20 minute drive home from our friends' house. It was about 8:30, both girls were exhausted, and they serenaded us with a beautiful harmony of screaming cries almost all of the way home. We tried singing to them as that often calms them down when they are tired and screaming in the car, but that only brought on an encore of yelling, screaming cries. I suggested we sing a song that was sung at our wedding 6 years ago and Matt and I began the song. The girls joined in with more blood curdling screaming and crying. At this point we really couldn't hold it in any longer. We laughed as we sang the song from our wedding and the fruits of our union sat in the back seat screaming in harmony with us. Ahhhhh....If we had only known what we were getting into. It is one thing to know that something is going to be really hard and another thing all together to live through it.

In the past 6 years we have lived through...
...many happy times
...3 moves
...fairly extensive home improvements
...a miscarriage
...two term pregnancies
...two beautiful girls and one soul in heaven
...three years of nursing
...major job changes
...wonderful emotional highs
...reality of what it is to be adults
...a cancer scare
...the onset of IGS (Italian Grandma Syndrome) haha, poor Matt
...major changes in family relationships and friendships
...using NFP from day one, but having to mature in our understanding of the subtleties of the Church's teachings and navigate through some difficult times

Through all of this and more we feel very blessed to know that our marriage is much stronger and deeper than it was when we took our vows 6 years ago. We didn't even know what it meant then to love each other the way we do now. We are truly help mates for each other and very best friends. I love my husband so much. Thank you, Matt, for every small and large thing you do for us every day. Happy Anniversary.