Birthday Party

  • Posted: 10:49 AM
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  • Author: Mary

Emily turned Three years old on the 10th. We had a birthday party for her on Sunday the 14th. Here she is showing off the Cinderella cake Oma made for her.

She didn't want to blow out her candles, so Isaac, her "best buddy" helped her out.

She is showing off the "Sleeping Beauty" costume that Jake and Allison got for her.

Here she is excited about her princess crown cookies...(in background).

Here is Emily and her best buddy Isaac. This was so cute I just had to include it.

Mary Clarie was QUEEN BEE while Emily was sleeping in the morning after her party. We enjoyed the quiet with each other.
Things have been so crazy for us the past few weeks. We are hoping that things will get back to normal this week and the kids will get back to their regular routine and sleep better.