7 quick Takes Friday

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  • Author: Mary


Sleeping Sweetie...

Isn't this sweet?!? Last week Matt and Emily were sitting in the rocking chair together near bedtime and Emily just feel asleep in his lap. When our kids are cuddly little babies and like to fall asleep in your arms they are being nursed to sleep. I, being the one who nurses them, get the pleasure of having a sleeping baby/child in my arms multiple times a day for over a year with each child. Matt doesn't get to experience a child sleeping in his lap very often and he actually really enjoyed this.

Computer Failure...

During? the thunder storms on Tuesday, our computer crashed. I figured it would be at least 2 weeks before Matt had the chance to look at it. I called my brother Wednesday and was telling him about it and he, being a 19 year old with no summer job, had time and decide to surprise me by coming over to work on it. Yay!! It was like having my own personal "GEEK SQUAD" for free. He had it working the same afternoon. Thanks Joseph!
More Bad Luck...

As if the computer wasn't enough, My glasses also broke this week. I sent them back with my mom and brother Wednesday and Mom took them into the place I got them to see if they could be fixed. More good news...they were still under warranty so no problems!! I didn't even know glasses had warranties, but I'm very glad because I had just gotten new transitions lenses with the scratch proof coating $$$. (but still cheaper than buying contacts all of the time)

Also we let Matt's brother, Josh, borrow my car for a few months. Matt has been driving our "farm truck" to work. It broke down last week and is in the shop. No good news there yet. We have been either taking Matt to work or car-less all week. It has been kind of nice having the time with him on the drive to and from town, though.

Out of the Lips of Infants and Babes...

I have decided that words like "Mama," "Papa," "Yey," " I want chi-chi" (a.k.a. nurse), and other delightfully happy words are the theme of the one-year-old. "No!!" is the theme of the two-year-old, and "I can do it myself" is the theme of the three-year-old.

Home run...

I made meat loaf for dinner one night this week. (This happens to be a very uncommon occurrence in out home.) I was delightfully surprised that it was a HUGE hit with the kids. I usually have trouble getting them to eat meat, but they loved it. I'll have to remember that for future meals.

Sister Time...
I "caught" the girls playing together so nicely this morning. I just had to take some pictures.

This is Mary Claire's "smile" for the camera. I didn't even ask her to do it she just said "cheese" and made this face when she saw the camera.

Just a side note...Mary Claire loves playing with these little dolls, and she calls all of them "Belle." She will get mad when Emily takes her "Belle." Emily will give Belle back to her, but Mary Claire may actually be wanting Belle, Snow White, Ariel, etc. It can cause some confusion.

Life Lessons...
Speaking of miscommunications...
I have recently realized that something as simple as a miscommunication can lead to deeply hurt feelings and even greater misunderstanding especially when relationships are on rocky ground to begin with. Although this should have been obvious to me already, I don't think I really understood the depth and complexity of this before last night. I'm sure I still have a lot to learn about life and communication, but hopefully I will think a little more about my communication attempts in the future.
I have also made some painful self discoveries in the past several months. I am a lot more stubborn and selfish than I thought I was. I have also discovered that when faced with hurt and discomfort in my life my first reaction is to avoid and ignore. I know I need to devote more time for prayer in order to get past all of this. I'm sure that God is the only one who can change my heart. He has proved this to me before, I just need to continue to trust him now. Any of your prayers would be appreciated.
There is your peak into my soul for the week.