A Few Words About Health and Fertility

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  • Author: Mary

I, like many moms, care about the health of my family. I try to minimize the amount of processed foods, trans fats, and take-out that we eat. We rarely go out to eat, we eat local honey, natural peanut butter, real oatmeal (old fashioned oats that you actually have to cook), mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, and if my kids are going to have a cookie chances are it has been made in my kitchen with unbleached flour and real butter. They drink mostly water, as do I, but when they do have juice it is most often Post Familie juice with no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Most of the meat we eat is fresh caught fish, beef that is raised down the road or venison from the fall hunting season. I wouldn't consider my self a health nut, but I think it will be better for my family to learn to like healthy foods now instead of having to train themselves to eat things like whole grain bread and natural peanut butter later in life.

I know there are a growing number of people who are thinking more about the foods they put in their mouth. Hormone free meats and dairy products and organically grown produce are just a few of the foods that have gained popularity as people have become more conscious of the foods they eat as well as the environmental impact of those foods.I am glad to hear the increasing media coverage and talk in my own family about raising awareness of our food choices. However, I often wonder how people completely ignore another health issue that, in my mind, is very closely related with the mindset of "be conscious of what you eat"...Hormonal Contraception.

Hormonal contraception is something that millions of women take daily to add unneeded hormones to their body and “break” a well functioning reproductive system. The list of side effects is long, well researched, and little talked about.

To name a few:
heart and blood abnormalities
cycle irregularities
mental depression
decrease or loss of sexual drive
weight gain or loss
water retention
nausea and vomiting
symptoms of PMS
vaginitis and vaginal infections
changes in vision
gall bladder disease
temporary or permanent infertility

I, for one, am not willing to use a pill (shot, patch, ring, I.U.D., etc.) that puts me at risk for one or more of the above. It would certainty not be a loving thing for my own husband to ask me to do it either.

I know that many women, especially young women, use the pill to “treat” bad periods or make their cycles regular, but this is also an unhealthy thing to do. Cycle irregularities are part of physical maturation for a young women. If there is something wrong then taking the pill will not fix the problem, it will only mask it. There are a few places that will actually investigate the cause of the problem and not just automatically put teenagers on the pill. If you know someone who is having this difficulty please consider contacting the Pope Paul VI Institute http://www.popepaulvi.com/ which has extensive experience treating fertility and cycle problems and is a great resource and starting point to find supportive doctors.

For all of you married people out there, obviously one alternative to using contraception is just having as many kids as you will. Although some people are called to this, it is not a viable option for most people. There is a better way of family planning and it is called Natural Family Planning (NFP). It is not the "rhythm method" and it is 99% effective. It is great for your marriage and your body and it is not just for Catholics. Please women, and husbands who love your wives, take a few minutes and just consider it. Pray about it, read about it, maybe even consider taking a class. It can't hurt just to see what else is out there.

If you would like more information please don't hesitate to ask me.