For Favorite Aunties Everywhere

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  • Author: Mary

Aunt Katie spent the night with us last night!!! Yay!! Since Katie offered to babysit, Matt and I went to Fort Smith for dinner and errands. Emily was excited that Aunt Katie was going to put her to bed, so she was disappointed when Matt and I arrived home at bedtime and assumed the normal bedtime routine. Aunt Katie told her she was going upstairs to take a shower and she could come up to see her in the morning. Matt brought her into the nursery, where I was putting Mary Claire down, and put her in the bed, but Emily protested.

Emily: "No, Aunt Katie put me to bed!!!"
Matt: "Katie went to take a shower. She will come give you a hug when she is finished."
Emily: "No, Katie do it, Katie do it!!!"
Mary: "Just sit up in your bed and Katie can tuck you in when she is finished."

Emily sat there for a while and then decided that there was no way that Katie could put her to bed if she was already in bed. So...Emily moved her pillow and blanket to the floor where she laid patiently waiting for Katie and fell asleep as I was putting Mary Claire to bed.

I came into the living room to ask Aunt Katie to just pick Emily up and put her in bed so she wouldn't sleep on the floor all night. Katie went to try, but as she tried to pick Emily up, Emily (who was very groggy and confused at this point) strongly resisted being picked up and repeatedly said "No! Katie do it!! Katie do it!!" Katie was cracking up too much to carry on at this point so I came in to reinforce. I pealed Emily up off the floor amidst protests and told her that Katie was here and would put her in the bed. We finally got her in the bed for the night.

When Emily woke up this morning, she came out of her room with a terrible morning face and bypassed Matt, Mary Claire and I, who were all in the living room. She marched straight upstairs to Katie and happily announced, "It's morning and I came to see you."

Emily and her Aunt Katie: