Fun at B and Pop's House

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I have a guest contributer today. My mom wrote a little summary of the girls visit last week. Enjoy.

Trial Run for OCTOBER with the Grandgirls!

Well, I can say that those girls are GRAND. Of course I knew that even before having them for several days a few weeks ago.

Matt and Mary kindly humored us by letting us have a trial run of keeping the girls for several days without their parents. What fun. We did lots of art projects, watched a few of Emily’s favorite cartoons, went swimming several days, painted the deck (with water and paint brushes), played in the water table and played lots of toys and read LOTS OF BOOKS! Those girls can read for hours.

They both slept all night! WOW! Matt and Mary, you are doing a great job with the bedtime routine. They knew just what to do.

Some highlights:

Waking up to Mary Claire…1st word out of her mouth in the morning was B (that is my Grandma name-B). She pretty much knows that if she says B, I am right there to take care of her needs, so I heard B often during those days we had her.

She says B house, Pop house…every morning when she woke up. Then she would let us hold and rock her for a while when. She lets us read to her for long periods of time. When we would be putting Emily to bed at night Mary Claire would get a crate of books out and read for 30 to 45 minutes!!!! Then she would put all of the books away.

Emily did lots of art. She especially likes getting to use the liquid paints and paintbrushes while Mary Claire was taking her nap. Emily loves to dress up. What a girly girl she is. She also loves pretending. When she pretends to cook, she tosses a caeser salad with Jacob’s drumsticks. What 3 year old knows what a caeser salad is? Mary does some pretty fancy cooking and Emily knows about that stuff. They both liked getting their fingernails and toenails painted too.

A fun week at B and Pops. We look forward to October when Mary and Matt travel to Rome for Josh’s Ordination-more fun with the grandgirls. That is our contribution and gift to Josh…is to allow Mary and Matt to go while we keep the kids. Our prayers will be for Josh all during that week when we have the girls.