Quick Takes Friday

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Wedding Announcement...
Last weekend we went to Little Rock to see Matt's brother Josh and spend some time with the Pohlmeiers. We spent Saturday night at the Pohlmeier's house and the kids had a huge blast getting to play together for 2 days.

An interesting thing happened on Sunday morning over breakfast. We were all sitting down to some pancakes and eggs and Emily wanted another pancake. Matt and I were across the table from her, but Isaac was sitting right next to her and the plate of pancakes. He very kindly put another pancake and just the right amount of syrup on her plate for her. Erin commented that it was good for Isaac to learn early how to serve the women in his life.
Emily looked at Erin with the most confused look on her face and said "I'm not a woman...but I will be a woman when I grow up." And then she announced, "When I'm grow up, I'm going to marry Isaac." Keep in mind that Isaac has been saying lately that he is going to be a priest when he grows up, so I'm not really sure how that is going to work. Also, they are third cousins, but this is Arkansas, so that might not matter so much.


I took dance lessons from the time I was 3 to 18. I really enjoyed it and I have been thinking about starting the girls in dance sometime in the next couple of years. Since we have been watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) all summer we have had dance on the brain. I decided to call about lessons last week just to investigate our options. The dance teacher was about to begin registration and said she took kids as young as 14 months. I had thought that I would have to wait until Mary Claire was 3 if I wanted the girls to take together. We went to check it out and I decided to sign them up. They (Emily) are very excited and so am I.
More about Dance

Speaking of dance and how much we love it...We were watching SYTYCD on Wednesday evening. Emily always has to go to bed before it is over. When she woke up on Thursday morning, she came out of her room, walked right into the living room, sat in the rocking chair and said "can we watch the dancers?"

She was disappointed when I informed her that we had more important things to do first such as eating breakfast, brushing teeth, going potty, getting dressed, and doing our chores. She really enjoyed when we finally got a chance to sit down and watch the dance numbers from the night before.


Last Saturday evening Matt and Jason Pohlmeier decided to go play basketball with Matt's brother Josh. About 1.5 minutes into the game Matt tripped over Jason's foot and hurt his ankle badly. We had it x rayed on Sunday morning, but luckily it wasn't broken, just a bad sprain. The doc, my dad, said it would be 6-8 weeks before it heals. We head to Rome in about 7 weeks. Matt will have 2 weeks of walking (a lot) everyday, so I really hope that it is better by then.


My sister-in-law brought us some zucchini today and some zucchini recipes. I still have plans to try the recipes, but I actually decided to make this chocolate zucchini cake today. http://blessusolord.blogspot.com/2009/08/chocolate-zucchini-cake.html The girls "helped" me make the cake which, of course, resulted in a huge mess and a lot of fun. After licking the batter Mary Claire had a piece of bread to get the sweet taste out of her mouth. She was having a party on the counter and I had to get a picture.

We took an evening drive down to Morrilton last week. The girls were both tired and not very excited about being in the car. Mary Claire usually just falls asleep, but instead she did a lot of this...
Causing Emily hold her ears and eventually fall asleep like this...
Finally we gave Mary Claire the Route 44 cup of ice and she was happy for a while....until she poured it all over herself.

Have a great weekend everyone.