Quick Takes Friday

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  • Author: Mary

Friday Already?!?

We had guest last weekend. Our friend Jason, who is a seminarian to be ordained next summer, spent the weekend with us. With his super busy schedule the last several years we have only gotten to see him 1-2 times a year, however this summer we have had the privilege of seeing him on several occasions and felt very privileged to have him as a guest for a whole weekend.

Reading is probably the girls favorite activity. So, they weren't going to let Jason escape without reading them a pile of books last weekend. It was kind of nice to have someone else around to read for a while. Plus, Matt and I even got to spend some time cooking together while they were keeping Jason busy reading in the Living Room.

This summer Mary Claire has discovered the simple, yet decadent pleasures of Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. She likes it so much that she will literally drink it out of the bowl after it melts. She also enjoys the perfect accompaniment, fresh ripe peaches. Yum, Yum.

It has been a rather unusual week for me. I took the girls down to Pop and B's house on Tuesday after their first dance lesson. I spent Tuesday night with them, but left on Wednesday morning and have had a few days on my own. This is a first for me. Emily started spending nights with B and Pop when we were in the Hospital having Mary Claire. At the time, Emily was only a few weeks older than Mary Claire is now. (Emily was 19 mo old and Mary Claire is almost 19 mo old now.) Now that Mary Claire is old enough to stay for a few nights and we actually don't have another baby yet, I get some time on my own. It is strange, but nice for a change.

Wednesday evening Matt and I got a chance to prepare for teaching our upcoming Natural Family Planning class. It was nice to have several hours uninterrupted with out having to stay up late to get it. Yesterday evening we had a spontaneous date. I finally got to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and then we had a late dinner after the movie. What a treat :) !!

I have had a good few days, but I'm very ready to give my girls a hug and kiss. I will miss them so much when we take our 10 day trip in October, but I feel so comfortable and relaxed about them staying with my parents which makes it a little easier.

Thank you so much Pop and B.
(My dad sent me a picture from his phone of B and the girls asleep in bed together this morning, but I think my mom would kill me if I post it, so...)

The girls had their first dance class this week. As I expected, Emily felt very shy and therefore very silly, so she wouldn't really do anything but giggle and not cooperate. Mary Claire was more cooperative though. A large part of the reason that I'm making the effort to do this dance thing is that Emily needs more social stimulation. I know it will take a while, but she will eventually feel comfortable with it and participate. She did watch though, and has practiced the steps she learned at home.

Here are some pictures of the girls after dance class.

I guess that is about all for this week. Have a ballet-tastic day ;)