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  • Author: Mary

I had kind of a crazy week. Crazy, but productive in some ways. I am quite proud of what I accomplished. I took this wheel barrow full of muscadines: (plus a few)

and turned it into this: (plus a few jars)
And, It only took me a week and 1/2 to finish it. After Matt picked the fruit from the vine and assisted in sorting and washing the berries, I did the rest with out any help. Not that help wouldn't have been appreciated, it was just no where to be found. The really amazing part of this is that I had a sick toddler last Saturday, a sick preschooler last Sunday, and I was a very sick Mommy on Monday night and Tuesday. I also did not have a completely neglected home while the project was on going. In spite of all of the obstacles put forth I actually completed the task.

It is, of course, muscadine jelly. Well, most of it is actually jam. I have never done anything like this before and have never been particularly interested in learning how to, but our muscadines vines produced a modest crop this year and I was faced with a choice: let the fruit rot on the vine or do something productive with it. I chose of course, the latter.

Although I am ignorant to the particular qualities which differentiate jam and jelly, after making 2 or 3 batches of jelly I opted to make the rest into jam. This choice was made solely on the fact that the jam recipe called for a greater volume of juice. I know I am a mom of young children and rarely have to opportunity to do more than the most very basic math (as in counting to 20), so this was an opportunity to use some of the math skills that I possessed at the height of my academic career. Through careful employment of these skills, I was able to compute that a higher volume of juice per batch would result in fewer batches that needed to be prepared. Of course fewer batches would mean less time preparing jam and more time for the other tasks that my life that required of me. As you can clearly see, a wonderful application of my once Calculus level math skills.

Upon more careful reflection, I see that this supposed wonderful application of my math skills may just be an application of my barely greater than basis level domestic math in disguise. Please for the sake of my ego, let us pretend that it was ingenious. Regardless, the jelly turned out very well, and hopefully the jam did too, although we haven't yet had the opportunity to taste.


Below you will see some examples of what happens when Mom tries to do anything around the house which doesn't include the kids. I do not think any of these incidents actually occurred when I was making jam, but you get the idea.

Pictured here, Mary Claire covered in dry erase marker. It is actually all over her back and legs too. She tried to erase it with the dry eraser, but of course it didn't work as well on her body as it does on the dry erase board.

Pictured here, Emily is drawing on herself, again with dry erase markers. This was after she had drawn on Mary Claire's back. When I came up to her to take this picture she said "look mama, I'm painting my nails." Of course they had to have a bath after this incident.

Pictured here, Mary Claire had taken off her diaper to go potty and since there was no child seat on this toilet, she fell in. (She is not, by the way, potty trained yet, just obsessed with being like her big sister.) I was cleaning up the kitchen when this happened and she was hollering for me from upstairs. She didn't sound urgent, so I continued what I was doing. Emily ran down stairs and calmly told me, "Mary Claire fell off the potty." Thinking to my self, "this could be bad," I quickly rushed up stairs. I was greeted with this hilarious situation and had to rush back down stairs for the camera before I pulled her out. Once I started laughing, Mary Claire thought it was pretty funny too.