Favorite Holiday Recipe

  • Posted: 9:44 AM
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  • Author: Mary

Ok...I finally have a reason to write aonther blog. The Brown Eyed Baker at http://www.browneyedbaker.com/ is giving away a very nice Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and I am writing this post as my entry. I'll try to get back to the blog soon and give some family updates, but for now here is my favorite Holiday recipe.

I found a recipe for some very decadent and delicious Cinnamon Rolls here a few months ago. I tried them out and found them to be worth of a Christmas Morning treat. In fact they are so sweet, you may not want to have them much more often than that. I have baked 8 batches which I have in my freezer and will be given out to a few people for Christmas presents this year and shared at Holiday parties. If you are a Cinnamon Roll fan, you should check these out. You won't be sorry. :)