Family Rosary

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  • Author: Mary

Last night, at the prompting of our 4 year old, we said a family rosary instead of our usual evening prayers. Emily was sitting with me on the couch and Mary Claire was cuddled up on Matt's lap. As be began the 4th mystery, Emily let us know that she was beginning to get impatient...

Emily: "Probably, Lets just say our regular prayers"
then in a very exasperated voice: "How long is this going to last!!"

They did make it through the whole rosary, though. I was very proud of them. I usually just require them to pay attention to one mystery, but for being 4 and 2 1/2 they payed attention very well, tried to participate and made it to the end without getting up and playing. It turned out to be a good family prayer time and a great opportunity to have some cuddle time with the kids.

Praise the Lord!

Fall is in the air...

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  • Author: Mary

The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days. I got to get my daily exercise outside this morning and instead of having to bear the weather, I actually enjoy it. Even though it is still officially Summer, the feel and smell of Autumn was in the air and that always brings me back to the days when Matt and I fell in love- 10 years ago now.

The wonderful rush of memories and feelings that are brought to me by the feel of fall always make me think of where we started and all the things we have been through in the past 10 years. It also makes me fall in love with my husband all over again. Through our union, we have co-created 5 immortal souls, two of which we get to enjoy daily, and another who we are looking forward to meeting in just a couple of short months. We have defiantly had our share of ups and downs. The sacramental grace we received 7 years ago has helped keep the joy if the Lord ever present with us even in the hardest of times when it was only a glimmer in the darkness. Replaying all of this in my memory, how could I not fall in love again.

There are a lot of things I expected for our marriage, but some of the most wonderful moments have come from the unexpected surprises. One of the things that comes to mind is how Matt really showed me a different side of him self after Emily was born. We had a very long and rough delivery that ended in a c-section, much to my disappointment. I was very physically defeated and Matt really kicked in and cared for me in a very loving and tender way. Every time I have had surgery since then, he has been similarly nurturing to me. It is quite a change of roles for us, because that is usually my role in the family and he is the one who cares for me by nudging me and sometimes pushing me to work on things. Another thing that comes to mind is how much fun we have working together in the kitchen, especially when we are cooking together to share our creations with close friends. This has been a wonderful discovery and a treat for us to share.

It has been a crazy year. Among the difficult events, I have had my thyroid removed and have had to deal with the physical consequences of that surgery.

We have also had some very blessed events in our lives lately. We have had two men very close to us, a great friend, Jason Sharbaugh, and a brother, Josh Stengel, ordained into the priesthood this summer. We have been very blessed to have such men as a close part of our lives and it has been wonderful to see them commit their lives to live for Christ and the Church. We have also conceived another child, I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. It is just a little over two months until we get to meet this new blessing. We have had the opportunity to teach NFP to 4 couples and are in the process of teaching another 2 couples now. For my part, I have learned the value of true friends in a way I had never experienced before. God has shown me that he can truly work through those people he puts in our lives.

Here are some pictures of some of the highlights of our journey the past several years.

A wonderful day for us.

My first attempt at artisan sourdough bread...notice our ugly 'old' kitchen in the back ground. It remends me of how much work we have done on our home in the past 6 years.

A young mother...I was so in love with my girl and with being a wife and mother.

I can't believe how much they have grown up since then. No wonder they are so close, Emily was still a baby herself when her sister was born.

Matt works hard on keeping things going at home. Here I believe he was working on some painting.
Matt and Kenny working on one of the first outside projects, fixing the well.
Sleeping Beauty
No matter how many children we have, Emily will always be the one who made us parents and changes our lives forever. We wonder now, what did we used to do before we had kids around? It must have been terribly quiet and boring.

Matt and I with then Deacon Jason Sharbaugh on the day of his Deaconate ordination.

Who knew that the smell of Fall could mean so much... :)

The Wisdom of A 3 Year Old

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Emily and I began a simplistic discussion about death at bedtime a few nights ago. She asked if there would be another day after tomorrow and I told her that there would always be another day until she died. We moved on from there to talk about being with Jesus in Heaven after we die. She looked up at the Crucifix and told me:

"We all need to take turns on the cross so when we die, we can die like Jesus."

Well Put Emily!


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  • Author: Mary

Yesterday the girls watched part of "Sesame Street" as I tried to get ready to take them to the library. Big Bird was learning about habitats and Emily seemed very interested. That evening they were playing in the bath tub as I was straightening up their room and listening to their converstation which went something like this...
Emily: "Mary Claire!! Get out of my habitat!" (meaning she wanted the spot in the back of the tub which Mary Claire was currently occupying)

Emily: "Mary Claire, this is your habitat. That is my habitat. "

Mary Claire just silently played along...and I was 'lmao' in the other room.

Thank you Sesame Street...40 Years of High Quality children's television.