Family Rosary

  • Posted: 4:06 PM
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  • Author: Mary

Last night, at the prompting of our 4 year old, we said a family rosary instead of our usual evening prayers. Emily was sitting with me on the couch and Mary Claire was cuddled up on Matt's lap. As be began the 4th mystery, Emily let us know that she was beginning to get impatient...

Emily: "Probably, Lets just say our regular prayers"
then in a very exasperated voice: "How long is this going to last!!"

They did make it through the whole rosary, though. I was very proud of them. I usually just require them to pay attention to one mystery, but for being 4 and 2 1/2 they payed attention very well, tried to participate and made it to the end without getting up and playing. It turned out to be a good family prayer time and a great opportunity to have some cuddle time with the kids.

Praise the Lord!